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Back to Basics to BE BETTER

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

(My personal BE BETTER Health Story from Sept 21 – Oliver & Angelica)


I lost 8 kilos in 5 weeks! It was relatively easy and I felt great-er for it.

I have recently re-learned that being all-round healthy starts with simply going back to basics. When it comes to your overall life productivity and happiness, it is these long standing basics that help accelerate your self-improvement.

These are the key things that worked really well and were very effective.

3 KEY PRINCIPLES: (as strict as you can for 7 days, then through to 14 days at least):

1. Basically consume 80% alkaline foods (look into them) / 20% acidic (coffee, alcohol, sugar, carbs)
2. Reduce your portion size – have healthy snacks - lots of water / lemon and herbal teas.
3. Have a heavier breaky and lunch – with a much lighter dinner (even soup or veg/small meat portion)


1. Prepare a week before - get focused on it - clear out your cupboard, buy the right stuff.
2. Have a helper/supporter - my wife is basically superwoman and eats/drinks/runs/lives well, so she is a great influencer, encourager, discipline-er.
3. Find substitutes as you need - decaf coffee, no sugar dark chocolate (Coles one great), zero beer/wine

Like many things, when you 'do nothing' things improve - I don't mean actually do absolutely nothing, I mean like Jerry Seinfeld says...'let things take its natural cause' to rejuvenate or self-heal. Work colleagues and friends will know I am always on the lookout for the next health improvement (fitness, diet, exercise, mind etc)...probably more talk than disciplined action! But I try to have a go!

Mental health, physical health, spiritual wellbeing, wealth (money and non-monetary), lifestyle, balance, happiness...whatever you want to call it - it's all linked in together.

Sometimes we are our worst enemy and need to shake up or wake up ourselves to a few simple principles, starting with...what are we eating?, what are we drinking?, what are we thinking?, are we moving enough? are we switching offline enough?. Our modern life of work, family and play, can get so overcomplicated these days, that sometimes we get taken off track without even realising it.

A sharp, switched-on, feeling great person in anyones team (or family) is going to be way more productive. At Fresh Perspective, we absolutely believe and have seen it proven over and over again, that growth/success/achievement in any organisation is driven by highly productive and engaged individuals making things happen.

Leaders share part of the responsibility to encourage and support their people, but honestly if you want a better self and a better life, it starts with leading yourself first.

Leading yourself means helping yourself or finding people to help you to Be Better - whatever it takes. Life is too short to cruise / put up with things, we can find help in so many areas. And yes, sometimes it is not easy, not quick - but trying something is always the first step.

Waking up is fundamental and shaking up your daily/weekly pattern is a must. Break some old habits, do things differently each day, turn off the phone/TV/emails etc, get outside, get moving, do 1 new thing each day - GET LIVING!

I am not a qualified health practitioner (although I would like to add a short course or two onto my list), just reading, talking, listening and trying different things to stay on top of personally trying to ‘be better’. Friends that I have shared this with know as I am pretty excited, as I was texting and emailing them saying...”I've lost 8 kilos now in 5 weeks...and feel a lot lighter / with more vitality!!!”

"At week 3 & 4 things have plateau a bit...but now weight is dripping off quicker as I hold a better pattern of food/drink and regular walking/exercise (with the odd proper coffee and a Guinness or glass of red on a Fri & Sun). "

Now, I did have an experienced advisor to help me! And i would 100% recommend tapping into someone similar that is independent and experienced to guide you.

My wife's sister (otherwise knows as my sister-in-law) Angelika has helped me with lots of fitness and food advice...she is a qualified nutritionist and one of the healthiest people I know.

She did online/phone sessions and helped me prepare personalised guidance with regular check-ins!!! Its super cost effective and the cost of a few big nights out, that you don't really need!

Angelika – Love Food Nutritionist
+61 411 847 892

This is the specific book I read over and over and leaned on a lot - its simple and incredible:

The Amazing 14 day Diet and Mindful Eating Plan

"More than just a diet, The Alkaline Cure is about enhancing all aspects of your mental and physical health. An alkaline lifestyle results in optimum digestive health, giving you an overall feeling of wellbeing, better skin, and more energy, slowing the signs of ageing as well as preventing chronic illnesses associated with age."

You can buy it online:

"If this is the promised cure to longevity, then bring it on" Emma Soames, The Daily Telegraph "Delivers results fast, after six days I have lost five pounds and my skin is clear" Carolyn Asome, The Times "I came back [from the FX Mayr Health Center] feeling happier, calmer and looking brighter - lighter too. I have lost 6lbs" Gwyneth Paltrow "I've been given a new lease of life; energy at fifty that I didn't have at forty" - Angela Trainer, Healthy Living magazine "The single most effective change you can make to your health is to increase your intake of alkaline-forming foods" - You magazine --This text refers to the hardcover edition.

About the Author

Dr Stephan Domenig is the Medical Director at the original F.X. Mayr Health Center in Maria Worth, Austria. He is fully trained in Mayr theory with certifications in general and orthomolecular medicine, applied kinesiology, chronobiology and chiropractics.

I really do hope it helps a few people on their personal journey!

Oliver Taylor

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