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A total rethink of a training program that becomes part of your peoples day to day lives to inspire    

Everyone wants training - whatever training is!? 

Everyone has a different expectation of training!

Your people ask for it, your customers ask for it - but no one really makes the time for it!

All the words float around - training, learning, development, skills, knowledge, gaps - but is it what your people really want (or don't want) and what does your business actual need? 

We have taken a fresh look at training and realised we need to go 'Beyond' and dig much deeper, for a smarter and more engaging program.

Join our Beyond Skills Program for a unique and totally sensory adventure for your people and customers. 

NEED DEFINITION - a company wide needs and skills review inside and out to help kick-start your program.

CORE GAPS - a thorough skills review to clearly understand where your skill sets are at today.


PROCESS  - how we will build 'training/learning/skill stretches' into day to day roles of everyone.

MIX - a clever combination of all available learning mediums that hit all the sensory touch points of your people and customers.


From $7,490+ for Training Program over a 3 month+ timeframe based on the scope. Multiple team advisors from varying backgrounds to assist.  

(Beyond is a trademark of Fresh Perspective)

Woman with Fitness Ropes
Complex Puzzle
Outdoor Fitness
> Unleash the full talents and energy of your team  
A unique multi-disciplinary approach 
>  Live and ongoing to help today and future needs 


We have some incredible Experts from different types of Training formats that assist across many forms of creating a Smarter Learning Mix, including;

Your Smart Training Strategy

Overview of the audit findings, needs identifcations, and reality check on what is possible on a daily basis. 


Your Learning System 

The quality of your training method will determine the effectiveness of your execution. There are many way and words used to describe 'training', just like they are many ways to educate and up-skill your team. 

Having a solid training process is critical to becoming an even a smarter company. Your staff expect it, your customers demand it and your company is less effective without it.

Your Mediums 

Learning is most effective when it comes in different forms. Mix it up with online quiz's and short videos, before you hit it with offline face to face training. Mix the depth up too with basic and advanced training contents.


The combination of the mediums as well as the repetition is what will increase retention by your learners. Use every medium you can, to maximise every learning opportunity. It also keeps it fun and fresh when you are engaging all the senses!

Topic Plan

It starts with a clear Topic Plan to guide your ultimate learning roadmap. This topic plan sets the pace for everything. It can be high level initially, as you add more sub-topics and contents over time. Start with your Big Hit business critical projects first. The topics that you absolutely must do or must learn really well to implement your business strategy.

Topic Champions

Your topic experts can be anyone in your business, or if needed, outside your business, These are the benchmark to lift the rest of the team to. Download what they know?, how they do it? and then translate this powerful knowledge into the minds of your people. Everyone loves the recognition of helping others and the recognition of even been regarded as an expert. This recognition goes along way in staff satisfaction too.

Your Content Productions 

Led by your by your Topic Plan, we now go into production of your full suite of mediums that engage by touch all the senses. 

Full Content Production - awesome photography, short video and podcast production. 

Copywriting - creative words that capture and communicate your key messages.

Graphic Design - Logo & Creative Design to execute your central messages and imagery. 

Market Research - live feedback, quantitative surveys, in-depth qualitative discussions for ideas, opinions and preferences

Internal Company Communications - Team Intranet - Corporate Conferences - Team Building Events - Guest Keynote Speakers - Training Programs - eLearning Training Systems - Launch Events


From $7,490+ for Training Program over a 3 month+ timeframe based on the scope. Multiple team advisors from varying backgrounds to assist.  

(Amplify is a trademark of Fresh Perspective)

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