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Live key note speakers

For your next meeting, off-site or major conference, why not involve one of our experienced partners to add a little spark to your presentation! Starting from $495 for a virtual meeting, through to $1450 for larger key note conference.

Topics or Themes include: 

BE BETTER - an overall look into the self and the team, covering a mix of work and life tips, from motivation to focus, as well as underlying health and fitness tips.

IGNITE - a more high energy format to wake up and inspire your team to the next level. Exploring what makes people tick and how to operate more effectively together. 

AMPLIFY - covers how to really engage and wake up your brand and customer experience. From your marketing communication program through to your whole voice of customer insights.


"...insightful, entertaining and thought provoking"

"...a great addition to our virtual conference." 

"...helps to mix up the flow and give the team a little more than the normal day to day"

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