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Vision and Purpose that pulls everything together   

One of the greatest challenges leaders face is making sure everyone lives and breathes the vision.

Your vision must state your underlying purpose in crystal clear terms. And even better still, everything you stand for and do for your customers - as captured by your brand - must resonate powerfully every time.

This is not just fancy paragraphs framed on the wall or the opening line of your business presentation or website - this is the full force of your brand standing uniquely and proudly in a busy world marketplace.

  • Purpose Definitions (Vision/Mission/Values)

  • Cultural Change Programs 

  • Discovery Workshops 

  • Company Strategic Planning 

  • Horizon Planning (short long term)

  • Balanced Scorecard Methodology 

  • Blue Ocean Strategy Discovery

  • What If Scenario Planning 

  • Mergers & Acquisition 

  • Financial Management 

  • Key Performance Indicators 

  • Budgeting & Forecasting

  • Gap / Variance / Trends Analysis

  • Benchmarking - Company / Industry

  • Competitor Intelligence  

(Clarity^^ is a trademark of Fresh Perspective)

>  Creating or confirming your Purpose
>  Financial Management KPIs to track 
>  Cultural Change programs to evolve 
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