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Profiles of our team 

A diverse mix of talented individuals with real-world hands-on experience.

We are a uniquely experienced, wide ranging networked team, available to you for a fraction of the full-time cost. 


We are here to help you 'Be Better'. You know your business and brands the best - we are just here to help you uncover the hidden opportunities and help with the final actions you need to complete your vision.


We get hands-on with you as part of your team - working part-time interim or ongoing contract or project specific assignments. 
Its all about flexible support to get it done - at your pace, your budget and all tailored to your business needs. 


Breadth + Depth makes for better real-world business support.

We believe in a mix of generalists that can see the complete picture with breadth to cut across and help connect all areas, as well as a mix of Specialists that can zoom in to a particular area with tremendous depth. 

  1. From senior management executives (CEO's, Managing Directors, General Managers)

  2. To functional specialists (Marketing Managers, Sales Managers, Finance Managers, HR Managers)

  3. Through to topic area experts (Brand and Digital experts, Marketing Communications, Supply Chain and Logistics)

Importantly, we have proven real-world expertise, we are very hands on and we live by our support for you.

Oliver Taylor 
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Senior Partner - Strategy & Marketing 

IMG_8465 GOOD plain face.JPG

Oliver's superpowers are to quickly review an organisation to understand what makes it tick. From here he can define the unique attributes, the capabilities and how best to serve its market, to ultimately benefit the client. Bringing 20 years of senior management experience with leading brands and companies, Oliver has led many business transformations of growth with local and international companies, resetting people structures and defining sales & marketing action plans that gets results. 

A relaxed and personal style that mixes well with all types of people, Oliver brings a tremendous energy and passion to those he works with. A very creative business thinker, supported by extensive educational qualifications across management, marketing and related disciplines.

​Main Areas of Expertise & Action:

  • Management and company reviews 

  • Marketing strategy, marketing communications 

  • Sales, business development growth

Leon Miller 
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Senior Partner - Sales & Leadership


With more than 35 years of experience and life learnings, Leon's superpowers are to bring a practical approach to supporting people within a business to align and achieve business and personal success.
He has gained extensive insights across his career, from an individual contributor, to a trusted and respected senior executive managing and leading people, and now as a Business Mentor.


With a communication style that inspires individuals to contribute and support each other, Leon walks the path with you, intent on uncovering your business purpose, understanding your motives and translating this to a roadmap complete with actionable activities for your business. Leon truly believes that individuals define a business, and that businesses have the potential to define individuals. 

​Main Areas of Expertise & Action:

  • Leadership Coach  

  • Mentoring for managers  

  • Sales process, business development 

Michael Locke
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Senior Partner - Brand Strategy

+61 (0) 438 076 904

LOCKE_1512170595 1.jpg

Michael has enjoyed many privileged years of creating, building and managing iconic, market-leading brands and businesses that break from the norms to deliver better returns to stakeholders. Having worked will all size of organisations, Michael’s key superpower is his intuitive ability to address business issues through both a strategic and creative lens simultaneously.  Knowing that in a world where speed, disruption and ambiguity have become common; good strategy, solid branding and smart marketing are paramount – Michael’s ability does not just deliver sound strategic outcomes but thinks beyond the conventional approaches to truly stand businesses and their brands at the forefront of their markets.

Over the years Michael's experience has been gained from making some great mistakes and working alongside some brilliant people – both of which have taught him the importance and power of thinking beyond the current state, to engineer well informed, single-minded strategies, that direct clever, simple solutions and drive success the whole business can understand, own and facilitate.

​Main Areas of Expertise & Action:

  • Brand and Marketing 

  • Strategy and Activation

  • Market Research 

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Matthew Wilson 

Senior Partner - Brand Strategy

LOCKE_1512170536 1.jpg

With a Masters in Management and a background in hospitality and the trades sector, Matt believes in the power of working harder and smarter. Matt’s superpower is his wide business research and analysis skills to develop human centric, solid, accountable business growth and expansion plans for clients. Data and market research that help support the business case and areas for change.

His expertise also extends to detailed project management to ensure the strategy gets implemented effectively, to achieve outcomes well beyond client expectations. A very inquisitive mind to listen, learn and uncover the essence of the companies challenges, together with powerful market research and management models to help clients see clarity in the path forward.

​Main Areas of Expertise & Action:

  • Business Research

  • Management models & analysis 

  • Marketing Strategy   

David Duncan 
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Senior Partner - Corporate Strategy 

Dave Photo.jpg

David is a very experienced leadership executive with a real passion for executive search and talent placement that is completely tailored to the clients needs. David has an impressive background in senior executive management with ASX200 listed companies and large private companies across the oil/chemical and consumer durables sectors in Australia and overseas. In his corporate career, David has a proven track record in managing large scale multi-site businesses in Australia and Asia, together with board experience.

David's business expertise also extends into change management, capital raising, and mergers & acquisitions. Davids superpowers are his personal touch and open advice, to help client uncover their way. 

​Main Areas of Expertise & Action:

  • CEO and Board advisory

  • Business strategy, change management 

  • Executive search & talent placement

Amy Common
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Creative Director 


With 15 years of multi-disciplinary design experience, Amy's superpower is her ability to swiftly establish the key visual communication challenge a business is facing and then develop a cohesive design strategy that successfully resolves it.

Following a streamlined project plan developed from working on numerous projects with clients across a diverse range of industries, she is able to deliver simple and engaging design solutions that communicate clearly with their intended audiences and are delivered on time and to budget. 


Amy's background as a tertiary educator allows her to communicate complex technical terms in a clear communication style that is easy to understand. She believes in working closely with clients to achieve fantastic results and in making the design process simple, enjoyable, and efficient for everyone involved.

​Main Areas of Expertise & Action:

  • Conceptual strategy and design execution

  • Web design and development  

  • Project management 

Angelika Mortimer
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Strategic Copywriter 

+61 (0) 411 847 892

A solo close up.jpg

Angelika helps companies capture their key messages for both their brand and corporate communications. Finding just the right way to word your messaging is a mix of art and technique and she is here to help you find the right choice of words.

In a fast moving digital world, Angelika believes it has become even more important than ever to shape your communications with compelling copywriting as the main starting point.

With a Bachelor of Communications and years working in London, Adelaide and now Sydney, Angelika will work very closely with you to shape your image and brand messages.

​Main Areas of Expertise & Action:

  • Copywriting for business 

  • Copywriting for your brands 

  • Nutritionists ('Be Better' program)

John Gosbee
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Print Media Solutions

2_ John Gosbee B&W standing.webp

As the head of Agile Print Media, John's extensive experience helps drive a relentless purpose to create tangible customer value faster by removing the red tape in a clients' print and media marketing initiatives.​ When spending hard-fought marketing budgets, John's experience is creating tangible bankable value for clients.

Whether it's time and cost savings or unbiased advice about smarter ways of design or execution - creating client value is something that John is genuinely passionate about. 

The team at Agile Print Media are free to create this value because they are not tied to any regimented processes, plant or capital investments that need to generate a return on investment - they truly are agile.

​Main Areas of Expertise & Action:

  • Solutions for your brand strategy 

  • All types of print media & project execution

  • Bespoke print designs (packaging/signage/DMs)

Marina Garbuio
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Digital & Social Media Marketing Strategist

Marina Social.jpg

Marina is a Digital & Social Media Marketing Strategist, Tertiary Lecturer, Entrepreneur and Speaker. As the owner of Motivating Marketing, Marina is a true marketing professional with over 20 years’ experience in marketing and communications, spanning a wide variety of industries. 

Marina’s passion is digital marketing and social media - she lives and breathes everything social for B2B and service-based businesses. She loves getting to know a company's product or service to be able to really leverage social media to help businesses reach their next revenue bracket more effectively and efficiently.

With a Masters in Marketing from Monash University, Victoria and graduated as one of the highest achievers (while working full-time), she is a very dedicated, focused, creative and loves getting results so your business will always be in good hands!

​Main Areas of Expertise & Action:

  • Social media strategy 

  • Social media management  

  • Social media advertising

  • Sales funnels and messaging 

Verena Taylor
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Sales Performance Specialist

+61 (0) 406 818 066


High performance sales teams are made up of self-driven individuals that have proven success formulas and techniques. To drive your sales growth Verena brings decades of experience with leading companies in Australia and the UK.

Verena will help uncover what makes each of your sales people tick, what their personal goals are and what type of sales leadership support they need to win. 

With a background in radio advertising and hospitality, Verena has networked with hundreds of small and large business leaders, learning all sorts of sale techniques.  

​Main Areas of Expertise & Action:

  • Sales management structures 

  • Sales performance training 

  • Fitness / Food / Life ('Be Better' program)

Hany Amer 
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Supply Chain Solutions & Data Analytics 

Hany Amer_Supply.jpg

With many years of executive management roles including CEO for 6 years leading an international logistics business, Hany specialises in Logistics and Supply chain solutions.

Merging traditional methods with new technology, with the team at Tive Inc., Hany provides market leading IoT hardware and software visibility solutions, and logistics to help solve visibility and condition monitoring issues for stakeholders moving goods through the supply chain.

In addition, Hany is the the Founder of I AM COACH, offering one to one leadership and business coaching, group mentoring and public speaking training programs aimed at empowering executives, high potentials and new or aspiring leaders.

​Main Areas of Expertise & Action:

  • Tailored supply chain solutions  

  • Configuring technology for better visibility

  • Personal Life Coaching ('Be Better' program)

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