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Your complete marketing communications program with a well defined core message   

>  Your core message across multiple mediums 
Combined mix for compounding impact  
>  Clear voice of brand through 'your line' 

Your marketing communication program is nearly the most important part of your company. Without it your brand has no voice and no connection with your target audience, or your own people.

Many companies undercook their branding by under investing in time and money in an ongoing integrated marketing communications program to build lasting value. Even the biggest brands in world continually talk to their customers with a well thought out program.

At the highest level, marketing communications must start with a well defined Core Message, and usually have supporting Key Messages. The simplicity and uniqueness of your Core Message is key.

The Core Messages must then be well communicated using every applicable sensory touchpoint across a relevant communications mix that combines all the available and appropriate mediums for your brand -    digital / person / print - to really AMPLIFY your voice.

The Communication Mix must be tailored to your brand. It should be 'Your Line' of unique communications, to talk to and converse with your audience - live and ongoing. 

Join our Communication Program for a research based and voice of customer led tailored plan.

CURRENT STATE - a detailed review of all your current points of communication, inside and out.

CORE MESSAGE - a thorough brand deep drive to clearly understand where your brand sits, how its perceived, the direction its headed, and the core message/s.

TARGET AUDIENCE - an opportunity to hear the voice of your customers, key influencers vs competitors. 

COMMUNICATION MIX - a clever combination of all available communication mediums that hit all the sensory touch points of your target audience.


From $7,490+ for Brands over a 1 month+ timeframe based on the scope. Multiple team advisors from varying backgrounds to assist.  

(Amplify is a trademark of Fresh Perspective)

Talking on phones


We have an incredible array of Marketing and Corporate Communication Experts that assist across many forms of the Communication Mix, including;

Marketing Communications Strategy - Integrated Communication Programs - Branding, Brand Strategy

Full Content Production - Photography - Video - Podcast production.

Copywriting - Creative Words that capture and communicate your key messages - Proof Reading.

Graphic Design - Logo & Creative Design to execute your central messages and imagery. 

Digital Marketing - full Website & Digital - Social Media programs - Website development and refresh - eCommerce Online Store Solutions - Online Smart Chats.

Market Research - Live Feedback Methods - Quantitative Surveys - InDepth Qualitative discussions for ideas, opinions and preferences. 

Advertising & Media Buying  - Digital, Podcast - Radio - TV - Print - Unique Public Spaces  - Target Audience Locations 

Public Relations (PR) Planning Programs - PR Placement - Media Representation - Launches.

Literature & Brochures - Print - Digital, flyers, brochures, full catalogues, specialty print solutions. 

Direct Marketing - Direct - eDMs innovative, personalised.

Point-Of-Sale - Signage - Packaging - Planograms.

Printing - full optimise Print and Production through our local and overseas print partners. 

Logo Development - Naming - Intellectual Property Brand Asset Management - Brand Testing 

Your Line Marketing - offline/online/above-the-line/below-the-line) - Lead Generation Campaigns - B2C B2B Targeting - Accredited e/Mailing/Phone Lists - Promotion Campaigns.

Internal Company Communications - Team Intranet - Corporate Conferences - Team Building Events - Guest Keynote Speakers - Training Programs - eLearning Training Systems - Launch Events - Loyalty & Incentive Programs for Sales & Customers.


From $7,490+ for Brands over a 1 month+ timeframe based on the scope. Multiple team advisors from varying backgrounds to assist.  

(Amplify is a trademark of Fresh Perspective)

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