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Cutting through and connecting to tell your story 

What you say and how you say it are important.

But WHY you say it is even more important. The WHY needs to resonate through everything you say and do.

'Content is king', yes. But it needs to be genuine / real / authentic to your brand. And told consistently over time.

Content Dimensions

We believe there are 4 key areas of awesome content which underpin the ultimate benefit / need satisfied: 

KNOW - what does the customer need to know?

LOOK - what does the customer need to see?

HEAR - how will the customer hear it?

FEEL - what will it all make them feel?

Content Outcomes 

Your content today must also allow for a live two-way conversation - not just throwing it out there - it needs to: 

ENGAGE - cut through and connect 

INSPIRE - inspire something bigger

EXCITE - get customers excited 

ACTION - create an action 

Creative Elements 

Some of the ways to create killer content are below - these are just the communication elements, we haven't even got into the mediums or channels of getting your content out there!

BRAND - everything about you 

LOGO - your easily identifiable name, image

TAGLINE - your key message to support your brand 

KEY MESSAGES - your underlying messages 

VISION - your ultimate end result

PURPOSE - why you exist 

UNIQUE - why you are special 

VALUE INNOVATIONS - your unique product/service offer 

VALUES - what you stand for 

HISTORY - your heritage and journey 

WORDS - the style of language you use 

PHOTO - the style of imagery you use 

ANIMATION - how it comes to life 

VIDEO - how it comes to life

CASE STUDIES - examples of your work 

TESTIMONIALS - customer support cases 

REFERALS - recommendations 

REVIEWS - what customers say they think of you 

REPUTATION - what customers really think of you 

Bright Idea

Killer Content

What does the customer need to know?

Graffiti Eyes

Killer Content

What does the customer see?

Big Speaker

Killer Content

What does the customer hear?

Reach the Top

Killer Content

What does the customer feel?

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