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Announcing Linkt - Building Your Linkedin Presence

A new focused team dedicated only to B2B Linkedin programs for select clients.


Any professional person knows that Linkedin is a very powerful communication medium for brands. It's estimated there are 830 million Linkedin members and 58 million companies across the world, covering all sectors - everyone is on Linkedin from a professional perspective, along with 280 billion feed updates viewed per year...and its growing every month!

If you are in business or have a B2B brand - you need to be on Linkedin and you need to be active and engaging with your internal and external audiences.


However, in a busy world, many organisations don't give Linkedin enough attention as part of their daily marketing communications / internal communications / corporate communications mix.

Just putting up random posts, or targeting random followers is not the way to design and develop your Linkedin profile - every part of it needs to be well thought out and integrated together.


And importantly, we believe that Linkedin is not just there to communicate to your core customers, it's also an important part of reinforcing your internal communications to your own people and your various suppliers and stakeholders. Your people and your partners are just as important to your LinkedIn page - as they are always watching to reaffirm the decision why they are with you.

Here's a quick checklist to see if you are really leveraging your Linkedin page to really boost your brand message

> Are you active on Linkedin?

> Are you consistently active?

> Do your posts have a unique look & feel about them?

> Is your content consistent with your core brand values?

> Do you have a nice mix of topics to interest your audience?

> Have you got a nice mix of different mediums to awakened your messages?

Our approach is simple and very effective. And importantly we have a clear process to follow that will give a consistent message over time for maximum impact and engagement.

Get in touch to get started today.


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