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Discover the Power of Growth Wheels*

Find speed | Unlock value | Remove waste | One of the simplest methods today.

There is a faster and more effective way to define and explain how you do things. Introducing 'Growth Wheels' as a practical real-world business tool to make things really happen.

There are lots of tips, tricks, software, frameworks, tools etc etc...but some of these can actually bog us down! Managers are always looking for the cut-through approach that will get it done - faster.

A good way to think about the ultimate execution of a task or process is to think about this for a moment...'how can a Formula 1 pit crew change 4 tyres in 1.8 seconds?' That's the current record and its quicker action that you can even say half of that sentence! Pretty crazy hey.

I bet you want to unlock the secret to faster flowing action – together?


Action – because action is the output we are all ultimately looking for. Yes, you need careful thinking, planning and preparation for great action, but action is the final output.


Together – because unless there is a magnetic purpose, and/or crystal clear clarity, people are not naturally drawn together.


Faster Flowing – a lot of unproductive time is wasted by not being on the ‘same page’ and ‘staying on the same page’, especially as things start to really move.


It’s human nature to be different and think different and to deviate! So, the trick is to harness those perspectives and draw them together for a common goal / objective / outcome / result.


All managers/leaders will agree, getting everyone focused and staying focused is easier said than done!


Well-defined processes (like any template, or software tool) are great if people actually use them.

We have all seen it! How many overly theoretical, but incredibly designed, processes sit dormant? How many super cool features in your CRM or ERP or Reporting software don't get fully used?


Going in too deep and too quick takes longer (it’s less agile) and can actually take you down a less natural flowing and practical path. Where’s the space for people to be drawn to the process?, to contribute to it's creation?, to adapt and commit to want to work this way?


How else can you unlock the value in your company that is right in front of you?


What’s the secret?


Well, after years of testing, trialling and researching different process methodologies, it appears that the simpler the better – well at least to start with!


You see, getting everyone on the same page is the starting point – a meeting of the minds.


Simplicity doesn’t mean basic, its actually the reverse. To extract out the ultimate simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. We learn this through the perfect design of products…in architecture or in industrial design, or in digital products and solutions.


As we begin to move together – and grow together – we then pick up pace together.


You have got to get all the pieces fitting together first – like a jigsaw puzzle, like the perfect combination. And importantly, all the elements have to fit together when you are standing still first, then as you start really moving, they need to stay together or be drawn back together by a common process flow.


You want to draw everyone to the best way that everyone has had input into defining (the ol' 'co-creation'). Someone can do the first draft of the Wheel - usually the manager or the expert in the team - but then everyone should have input or have a go at testing it to make sure it captures everything and is the best way we know, at this point in time. Just because someone (a process designer) defines it one way, doesn’t mean it’s the best way for what you need right now.

A process has to be useful.

Like cogs in a wheel, or cogs of a machine – we are not just talking about one wheel here! All the different parts of the business need to move together, so you can have multiple linking Wheels.

Here are the 10 steps to creating your own Growth Wheel:

Try it out on something simple to start with, that way you can test the steps.

Stay tuned for more and we will dive into actual templates and practical examples of using Growth Wheels in real-life / real-world applications.

*(C) and TM - Copyright and Trademark by Fresh Perspective Business Solutions. Please, if you refer to it or use it, please credit it.

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