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What to hit off first? - prioritisation

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Everyone is always so busy! Busy is good, but busy on the right things is even better, and busy on the right things with a nearly obsessive like focus, is the absolute best!

Big Hits

The Big Hits are the only critical priorities that really matter long term! These are the stand out major transformational projects that really make a real difference. They are medium to longer term running, typically company wide, and demand heavy resource for heavy reward. These projects will be remembered as they make a difference to the brand or company, to really propel it forward. Big Hits make up the building blocks to implement your unique chosen strategy.

Defining the Scope of the Big Hit project is the starting point, as the scope itself will determine the more thorough definition of what it is you are going after. Spend more time on the scope that you think as everyone will have a slightly different interpretation of it.

Quick Hits

The Quick Hits are the ones that really matter short term. The are in and out, done in a few weeks, not months. They have a defined scope to get them done and not let them linger. There will be a tendency to drag them out, but be brutal to cut the timeline short so you can get back the the Big Hits that really matter.,

The No's & Not Now's

What we say no to is just as important to what we say yes to. Your no's or not now's should be easy as they are not related to your strategy and they are an unnecessary distraction. Every minute wasted on a no is time not spent on your big hits. Saying no helps make your Big Hits scream louder, so it should be pretty crystal clear. From time to time there will be the odd action disguising itself as a no, but if the link to your strategy is clear it will cut through and become a quick hit or big hit.

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