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Keeping It Simple - Service Fee Structure

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

We know client's prefer to keep things quick, easy and simple.

So keep things simple, we have 3 levels of service support:

LIGHT Selective specialist : Short term assignment : remote support

MEDIUM Selective specialist : Ongoing assignment : remote & in-office support

INTENSIVE Selective specialist : Ongoing assignment : remote & in-office support

These are our set fees for frequent business support.

To help get you started and to give full visibility of our fee structure, we have introduced a monthly subscription model on some more frequent areas of business support - particularly in the marketing, sales area. We also have some starting point fees for specialist areas.

You will notice we can support you remotely or in-house along side or integrated into your team. (All fees are in $A dollars and can be converted / quoted as requested)


Light - $2000 / month

Overall Management Support

Intergrated Marketing Review

Website Review

Lead Generation Ideas

Copywriting Support

Social Media Support

Ideas Hit List

Medium - $5000 / month

Website / Digital Improvements

Sales Performance Support

Management Discovery Workshop

Lead Generation Programs (eDMs)

Category Reviews (Core Ranging)

Brand Audit - Live A.I. Tracking

Expenses Audit

Industry Statistics

Heavy - $10,000 / month



Full Website Digital Mangement (SEO, SEM)

Full Copywriting Service (report, newsletters, articles)

Full Lead Generation Program (promo campaigns)

Full Management Support (team leaders, coaching)

Full Content Creation Program (photo, video, animation)

Full Social Media Program (topic plan, write, post, report)

Full Industry Statistics (competitor, channel, region)

We are a bit different to your typical management consulting or marketing consulting practices, or digital agency - we can zoom in or zoom out or across your organisation, as we have been there before!

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