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Tips To Make Sure Your Website Is Awesome!

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Having an awesome website these days is a must have. So many companies still have sub-standard websites that are not doing them any favours.

Your website is an extension of your brand / your company. It must be brilliant! Put it this way, you would not publish a rough looking piece of literature or report, or have an old looking sign up, so why do some companies still neglect their online presence?!

"Whatever you call it - website, app, digital, online, social, martech etc - its all about showcasing your brand brilliantly and serving your customer needs."

Today we have so many incredible digital tools available to us - many starting off for free to trial - so there are no excuses for a poor looking and poor functioning website.

Below we will share a few tips to help you give your Website a quick audit.

Tip #1 - Lead with your brand on your website

Don't get too carried away with changing everything - the look, feel, colours, fonts, image style etc - stick to who you are - it's your brand to present clearly and uniquely to the world.

You should already have your Brand Guidelines which define everything - just make sure you apply that and don't try and change it (unless of course you want to and have a clear reason to).

"It's your brand and your brand only - not Googles, not Linkedin's, not Facebook's, not your competitors - stay very focused and lead with your brand strategy first."

Tip #2 - Keep your website clean and simple

The best websites are clean and simple. Doing simple is actually harder than you think. What to cut out?, what only to put it? how to say it in clear phrase?...all these things are very sophisticated and formulaic.

The best looking websites that just look awesome and function beautifully have had a lot of work gone into them. Presenting your brand in a dynamic and digital brand is art and science.

"Messing with your brand is like messing with Mother Nature - you don't do it!"

Tip #3 - Be mindful of your target audience using your website

Of course, all fantastic marketing starts with your target audience, and it's no different when you are online. Your website must be a seamless experience on and off-line.

Your main customers, your near-by customers, your suppliers, your competitors and even your own people are all watching - even if they don't comment or say anything.

The best websites blend your brand value across all channels and across all mediums.

"Striving to create the 'Ultimate Customer Experience' in everything you do has always been the goal!"

Branding is and always will be about customer value

Everything you offer, and the way in which you offer it makes up your Brand.

Your ultimate brand value is defined by how it sits in the mind of your customer. Sure you can influence it positively and negatively, but it's how you are perceived that defines your brand value and brand reputation.

Use all the channels and mediums available to you to drive the growth of your brand and business.

Your website is part of the mix. Today it's a very important part of the mix.

If you need help with your Brand or Website Audit as a key part of your business strategy, then please touch base and we will be happy to give you some fresh thinking ideas!

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