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Unlock the Power of Predictive Brand Intelligence

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

New AI Technology to give you the answers

A good brand needs data. A great brand just wants the Answer

Real-time brand tracking from over 1000 data points. A good brand needs data. A great brand just wants the Answer. Tested and used by Google and Microsoft in California USA and now available with local back up service and support in Sydney, for Australia, NZ, Asia.

Stop guessing. Act with confidence.

Why is instinct accepted when it's responsible for so much company value?

Unlock always-on brand strategy now.

Immediately see new growth areas, track momentum and category shifts as they happen, and predict where your competitors will move next. Unlike your typical management consulting or marketing consulting practices, or digital agency - this is real information live at your fingertips!

Brand using BlueOcean

How does BlueOcean work?

Our process, while happening in minutes and days depending on which tool you are using, follows 6 steps.

Define – You don’t live in isolation so it’s important to define your Brand within the category and its competitive set. Currently we work together with you on this activity or you can select them yourself, but in the near future we will be recommending your best competitors to compare yourself to, as you may not even know all of them because of your historical belief or what you have been told by legacy thinking.

Sense – what is going on with your brand.

This is the data part and this is where we ingest data from 3 large categories. Currently we are assessing over 700 data points and the list grows weekly.

  1. Audience Signal

  2. Brand Content

  3. Business Analytics

For a list of some of the data points we use, check out our FAQ on Data Sources.

Understand – We’ve now taken on data at scale and we use our core engine called The Brand Genome. Advanced machine learning and AI, including sentiment, linguistics mapping, and style analysis is fueled by our automated ingestion process of brand, customer and business analytics data, and processed by a taxonomy that allows us to unequivocally quantify and highlight your Brand’s strengths and weaknesses relative to its competitors and organizes them in a way that you can actually use.

Prioritize – We then distill the information into your Brand Navigator workbench. This includes the Navigator framework and associated outputs to help you understand your key opportunities and weaknesses in clear language any business person can use.

Execute – What good is information if you don’t know what to do with it? Our ability to take information and turn it into actual recommendations of what you should DO.

Reinforce – Lastly, we learn from our actions and track their impact over time. By reinforcing our learnings over time, we get smarter and make even better recommendations.

This probably leads you to this question – what is the methodology behind this process to give you such certainty that your results are accurate? We sum this up by explaining, in-depth, more about The Brand Genome and how it drives all activities at BlueOcean.

Get in touch to learn how BlueOcean can give you the answers.

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